Lesson 7

Share Calculation: Sc

This is the most complicated share calculations.

Sister Consanguenous (Sc)

  • In the absence of Sf, Sc gets the share.
  • She is excluded by S, SS.., F, Sf if more than 2, Sf as residuary, Bf
  • Converted into residuary by D/SD, Bc
  • Reduces share of M if 2 or more

Sisters Class- General Rule

  1. S,SS, SSS, F exclude them
  2. In the presence of equal male counterparts they become residuaries. E.g.. Bf & Sf and Bc & Sc. With double share to male.
  3. If single she gets ½
  4. If 2 or more than 2 they get 2/3 equally divided
  5. If Sf +Sc ,then Sf will get ½ and balance of 2/3 i.e. 1/6 goes to Sc
  6. If Sf are more than 2 then Sc gets excluded.
  7. In association with D or SD they become residuaries.

Condition Sc Share
1 Presence of S, SS.. F Nil
2 No S,SS,..F With TGF Same as Sf
3 No S,SS,..F TGF With Bf Nil
4 No S, SS, F, TGF, Bf, but Sf+ with D/SD Nil
5 No S, SS, F, TGF, Bf, Sf With Bc Balance with Bc 1:2
6 No S, SS, F, TGF, Bf, D/SD With Bc Balance with Bc 1:2
7 No S, SS, F, TGF, Bf, Sf, Bc
With D /SD
Balance alone
8 No S, SS, F, TGF, Bf, Bc,D,SD With 1 Sf 1/6
9 No S, SS, F, TGF, Bf, Bc,D,SD With 2 or more Sf Nil
10 Single Sc
No S, SS, F, TGF , Bf,D,SD, Sf, Bc
11 2 or more
No S, SS, F, TGF , Bf,D,SD, Sf, Bc

Effect of others on Sc

Sf or Bc may affect Sc advantageously or adversely sometimes.

  1. H, Sf, Sc, Bc – Here Bc adversely affects Sc. Both get nil
  2. D, SD, Sf, Sc.- Here Sf adversely affects Sc
  3. M, 2Sf, Sc, Bc - here Bc benefits Sc

Sc - Sum up

Pr./Sec Secondary Heir
Excluded by F, TGF ?, S, SS, SSS, Bf 2Sf, Sf as residuary
They exclude With D/SD Exclude BfS or lower(As residuary)
Share fraction As above
Effect on others Reduces share of mother
Effect of others D &SD covert her into Residuary
Bc converts her into Residuary
Effect of Awl Share reduces
Effect of Radd Eligible
Special occasion With TGF
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